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Insurance Company Uses Salvage Parts for Repairs

In a quest to save a nickel auto insurance companies are violating consumers' and even the contract you signed with your company.  If you have been in an auto accident lately and had to deal with your insurance company to get your car repaired, you probably noticed this issue.

Auto Insurance companies will make go a great length to located what they call "reconditioned" parts through the network of junk yards and suppliers for things like bumpers, fenders, head lamps, and you name it.

Yes, it makes sense if your car is 10 or even 15 years old, and new OEM parts are not readily available or priced through the roof.  But I'm talking about cars that are only 3-4 years old where the used parts costs upwards of 70% of the new OEM part. Reconditioned auto parts comes with many unknown risks with it that are beyond the appearance and fit.  Basically, no one knows what is the history of the part, and if it really meets the safety standards of comparable new OEM parts.

The only valid argument that can be made on the side of using salvage parts is that it's good for the environment.  What really has happened it that the Auto Insurance companies have strong-armed the average repairer into dumbing down the quality of their work.

The premium you pay to the insurance company is calculated based on average repair costs using new OEM parts.  That simply means you as a consumer is entitled to high quality repairs using new parts.  Often times, insurance companies will tell you that your car was not brand new, and used parts are equivalent to what was on your car.  That is a totally not true in most cases.  Your 3 year old bumper has much better structure integrity than a reconditioned bumper that's been sanded down by who know how much.

If you know your car's pre-accident condition was very good to excellent, you should be firm and demand new OEM parts only.  Many states are now passing laws to limit what type of reconditioned parts can be used for insurance claim repairs.

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