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Don't Forget to Check Expiration Date on Child Car Seats

Did you know that baby and child car seats have expiration date just like can food?  Not only that, car seats that have been used during an accident may no longer be safe to use.  These facts make good reasons not to  buy a car seat second hand unless you know it's from someone you trust.

What is providing the safety for your most loved one is the seat belt and the bracket that's holding it in place from the rear of the car seat, and these parts are not meant to last forever.  Plastic in its nature wears out, and even faster if it is exposed to direct sun light or extreme temperatures.

Car seat laws are governed by the states so all that detail specifics on what's legal and not legal can vary depending on where you are.  However, most states require new cars seats to indicate manufacture date as well as expiration date since 2009.  If you cannot find neither of these dates on the car seat you are using, throw them away without a second thought.

Furthermore, most states now make it illegal to use expired car seats under a clause "car sets must be properly restrained.." or another language similar to that.

If you are thinking of buying one of those really expensive 4-in-1 type of car seat product, planning to use it for more than 5 years, think again.  Not only a damage to one component can make render the whole system  useless, the more complicated the product is with moving parts, it's more likely to break with repeated use.

How Long Can I Use My Child's Car Seat?

Every car seat is different, so always read the user guide to find out the seat’s expiration date and other important information.  Most car seats last between five to eight years after they were manufactured (not necessarily after they were bought).

You can also find the expiration date molded in the car seat or printed on the shell, along with labels listing contact information and other necessary safety information.

Are You Buying Second-hand Car Seat or Borrowing One?

See if you can answer these questions:
  1. Has this car seat ever been in a crash?
  2. Are all the parts and pieces still attached to the car seat?
  3. Are all the labels for proper use still affixed to the car seat?
  4. Has this car seat ever been recalled?

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