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Winglet is Toyota's Vision for the Future of Personal Mobility

Does this look like a Segway copycat? or is it the next generation of personal mobility robot that will beat down the sales of Segway, challenging the monopoly in enjoyed for many years.  It is practically built on the same concept as Segway in that it is basically a self-balancing, two-wheeled electric vehicle

Toyota Winglet is currently undergoing a trial on various city's paved streets and sidewalks to test its safety and practicality.  You can think of Winglet as a much lighter and portable version of Segway with much lower top speed at 3.7 mph.  It can be fully charged in about an hour with no so great maximum range of six miles per charge.

The pricing details have not been released yet as it is not even confirmed for production.  The estimated production of Winglet if it does make through all the tests, is 2016.  Since basic model of Segway starts at $5,000, the price should definitely be well below that range.

The trial is currently planned to continue all the way to 2016 with specific phases; safety testing in the first year and functionality testing from 2014 and onward.

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