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Top 5 Most Fuel Efficient Gasoline Powered Cars of 2013

Hybrid cars still cost significantly higher than similarly configured non-hybrid counterpart despite of technology advancement and increased volume of hybrid car sales.  Many consumers are still resistant against the idea of investing money up front for future savings in fuel cost.

Some Hybrid cars are configured for more balance between performance and efficiency rather than single focus of fuel saving.  Additionally, hybrid vehicles are not much more efficient for highway driving compared to gasoline powered cars.

If you put lots of miles, especially high speed miles without too much stop and go, here is a good news. The top 5 most efficient cars of 2013 will get you mpg number pretty much up there with most of hybrid cars.

5. 2014 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

Gas mileage: city / highway - 30 mpg / 42 mpg

Volkswagen has met emissions requirements from the EPA for its passenger car diesels over many years. If stubby hatchbacks aren’t your thing — and for many in North America they aren’t — the diesel Jetta is worth considering. Of course, there’s also the Jetta SportWagen. Once again, it offers the same combined consumption as its sedan sibling, but with more practical cargo space.

4. 2014 Volkswagen Passat TDI

Gas mileage: city / highway - 31 mpg / 43 mpg

Wow, Volkswagen must be working hard on improving efficiency of their diesel engines.  Passat is a larger and heavier car than Jetta ranked at No. 5, and it still beats it by one extra mpg.

While buying a diesel Passat will be more expensive than the previous cars on this list, it will also be one of the nicest to drive.

3. 2013 Nissan Versa Sedan

Gas mileage: city / highway - 31 mpg / 40 mpg

If cheap is your thing, the Versa sedan has you pegged. Starting under $12,000 before delivery, this is one of the few cars that might actually make a Corolla feel special.

If you're checking out the 2013 Nissan Versa, there are three important takeaways: It has a low base price, high fuel economy ratings and a below-average safety score. The 2013 Nissan Versa has a four-cylinder engine that most reviewers say provides adequate power. The base Versa comes with a five-speed manual transmission or an optional four-speed automatic, while all other models come with a continuously variable transmission (CVT).

2. 2013 Smart Fortwo

Gas mileage: city / highway - 34 mpg / 38 mpg

At 8 feet, 10 inches long, the Smart Fortwo is a two-seat subcompact city car and is the smallest production car currently sold in North America. It comes in two body styles: the hatchback Coupe and the convertible Cabrio. The standard trim levels are Pure and the more well-equipped Passion. The Fortwo is powered by a 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine that produces 71 horsepower and 68 pound-feet of torque and sends its power to the rear wheels through an automated sequential-shift manual transmission.

If you are looking for a decent ride quality, pass on this one.  It doesn’t drive well, it seats just two people and is terrifying on the highway.

1. 2013 Scion iQ

Gas mileage: city / highway - 36 mpg / 37 mpg

Scion iQ's gas mileage is unlike any other gasoline powered cars in that it produces almost same mpg for city and highway, giving the best combined mpg of all cars produced in 2013.

Smart have started the micro car craze in North America, but it’s Scion that’s taking top honors as being the most efficient gas powered vehicle. The iQ offers two useable seats and an extra bench in the back. It’s possible to fit someone back there, but it’s unpleasant to say the least.

The 1.3-liter four has a 16-valve DOHC head, variable valve timing, and an aggressive 11.5:1 compression ratio, but it doesn't have much sporting character and has to be wrung to its 6000-rpm redline to whip up the full 94 horses. The modest 89 lb-ft of torque is available a bit lower peak, at 4400 rpm.

Scion’s little city car has its share of quirks, but it drives surprisingly well for such a small car and it won’t make a big dent in your wallet.

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