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5 Things You Should Always Carry in Your Car

The same logic applies to driving like most other things in life; it's better to have it and not need it than to need, and not have.  If you are driving during winter snowy season or planning on a long distance road trip, then the list will grow much larger beyond just 5 items.

These are the items that we recommend as the most important items you should always carry in your car.  It may safe you from a big trouble down the road.

1. Jumper Cable or Portable Jumper Starter.

Jumper cables probably have not been changed much since it was invented, but it's important to get a quality one.  With so much advancements made to the auto technology, batteries are one of those things that have not changed much, and may die on you without warning, especially on a cold day.

Jumper Starter is good since you don't have to get a hold of another vehicle to assist in jump starting your car, but you have to remember to recharge on regular basis.

Check out these products with the highest rating on Amazon:

2. Flashlight

The price on LED based flashlights have come down a lot, and its compact size, long lasting battery life and brightness could prove to be a life saver.  You can grab one of those high quality LED flashlight and just drop it in your glove box.

LED flashlight can vary significantly in brightness and quality so make sure to buy one with at least 100 lumens with a high rating.  The ones with adjustable focus are simply amazing and perfect as a safety light to carry in your car.

3. First-aid Kit

Some new vehicles come from the factory with a basic first-aid kit already installed, but there are plenty of basic first-aid solutions for older vehicles. Drivers need to consider what type of first aid supplies beyond adhesive bandages and aspirin are needed. Things such as sterile dressings, 4-by-4-inch nonadhesive bandages, gauze, anti-bacterial ointment, an irrigation syringe and a waterproof storage bag are a good starting point.

4. Emergency Warning Triangle

In many developed countries of the world carrying at least one emergency warning triangle is required by law.  I have not heard of such a law in the states, but it's a good idea to carry a few in your car.

5. Tire Pressure Guage

Other than the condition of the tires, the air pressure in the tires are the most crucial aspect of proper tire maintenance, often times leads to fatal accidents due to tire blowouts.  Many late model cars are equipped with built-in TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system), but they do fail and the only reliable way to check the air pressure is to use one of those pressure gauges:

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