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A Life is Lost Every 53 Minutes Due to DUI Related Accidents

According to 2011 statistics reported by Mothers Against Drunk Driving, a DUI accident takes a life every 53 minutes, and every 90 seconds an injurious DUI accident occurs. Many of these crashes are caused by repeat offenders, and it's estimated that roughly 2 million people with at least three DUI convictions still have driving privileges.

Consider the tragic 2004 accident discussed in a recent MintPress News article. A father and daughter woke before dawn to drive about 25 miles from a suburb into Manhattan. The father worked at the Fulton Fishmarket, and the pair were en route to open up his stall when their vehicle was T-boned.

The crash killed the daughter, and the collision was reportedly so violent that it burst her heart.
The driver who hit them had been in Manhattan partying, and his blood-alcohol content was shown to be 0.22 percent. He had apparently been driving recklessly prior to the crash, running red lights and colliding with side rails. Before the fatal accident, he had been arrested for DUI two other times.

In an uncommon decision, the drunk driver was convicted of second-degree murder and given a prison sentence of 17 years to life.
In many cases, however, the families of people killed by drunk driving find the criminal sentencing of the driver too lenient. A negligent and deathly act has been committed by a wrongdoer, and it seems to the grieving family that a prison sentence of only a few years doesn't constitute the full measure of justice.

Beyond criminal court, the families of deceased DUI victims have the option of pursuing justice in civil court. A wrongful death lawsuit is one way for a family to receive compensation for costs such as funeral expenses, hospital bills, lost wages, lost companionship and other damages resulting from a drunk driver's negligence.

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