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2014 Chevrolet Corvette C7 Stingray - Best Corvette Ever Built?

2014 Chevrolet Corvette is a complete departure from its previous generation models in terms of performance and refinement.  It can truly compete with some of the German and Italian supercars at a fraction of the cost.

Sixty years ago, the Chevrolet Corvette made its debut appearance at GM’s Motorama exhibit in New York City. New car introductions were a big deal then, and anxious spectators lined Park Avenue to get a look at Chevy’s futuristic roadster.

Production wasn't even planned when the car was shown, but public reception was so positive that the Corvette quickly progressed from concept car to showroom model. By July of 1953, Corvettes were being built by hand in GM’s Flint, Michigan assembly facility.

Just 300 Corvette roadsters were built in 1953, all of them wearing Polo White paint with a red interior. Build quality was sub-optimal, since the assembly technique for the car’s fiberglass body was being worked out on the fly. Power came from a “Blue Flame” in-line six-cylinder engine mated to a two-speed Powerglide automatic transmission.

At a then-expensive price of $3,498, demand was far less than anticipated, and the Corvette was nearly killed off in its first generation. Sales began to climb when Chevrolet introduced a V-8 engine in 1955, and a three-speed manual transmission option soon followed.

The Corvette had begun to evolve from a personal luxury car to a world-class sports car. Though it’s occasionally strayed from that path over the years, the latest C7 model appears to more than capable of living up to customer expectations for performance and handling.

The latest Corvette is only the seventh generation — the C7 — since the first one in 1953. And in the car's 61-year life only five people have held what might be the best job in the auto industry: Corvette Chief Engineer.

The new LT1 V-8 in 2014 Corvette c­arries over a 6.2-liter displacement and pushrod architecture but nothing else. Direct injection and optimized combustion hike the power to 460 horses while fluffing the torque curve by 50 pound-feet between 2000 and 3500 rpm.

Cylinder shutdown and a mega-tall seventh gear in the Tremec manual transmission push EPA highway mileage to 30 mpg (in eco mode). A stout aluminum frame and Michelin tires are now standard for all Corvettes.

The C7’s tech arsenal includes an electronically controlled limited-slip differential, aerodynamic lessons learned from racing, manual-transmission rev matching, and a patented means of sensing tire temperature to fine-tune the chassis. Inside, the cockpit is comprehensively upgraded, and the sorry C6 buckets have been replaced with world-class, eight-way-adjustable driver and passenger thrones.

The most amazing part of this American icon of muscle cars is its price; you can get a brand new 2014 Corvette Stingray for mid $50k or low $60k fully optioned.  It even comes with free service for the first 2 years!

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