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It's Now Primary Offense to Talk on the Phone While Driving in MD

Starting October 1, 2013, police can pull over anyone holding a phone next to your ear in Maryland.  You can no longer use an excuse of "I wasn't talking on the phone".  Until now, it’s been a secondary offense to talk and drive.

The new laws may catch some off guard but every driver will have to get used to them quickly.

Maryland drivers will have to be mindful of new laws that take effect Tuesday. Primarily, they deal with safety. Perhaps the one most discussed is the law prohibiting motorists from having a mobile phone in their hands while operating a vehicle.

Here’s how it breaks down: if you’re caught talking on your phone while driving, it’s a $75 dollar fine the first time, but that increases with each offense.

Those who make the laws and those who enforce them believe distracted driving can be deadly.

“A distracted driver is very dangerous. Visually, if you’re using a cell phone, you’re looking down; you’re not looking at the road,” said Sgt. Marc Black, Maryland State Police.

AAA Mid-Atlantic agrees.

“Preliminary Maryland data from the Maryland Highway Safety Office suggests that of the 511 fatalities on Maryland roads, approximately 50 percent of those were the result of a distracted driver,” said Ragina Averella, AAA.
Another new law that can net a ticket as a secondary offense is mandatory seat belt use by everybody in a car – and that means the back seat too. Captain Tom Didone helped push that law through after his son Ryan died in the back seat of a car in 2008.

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