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Off-Duty Cop Found to Join in the Attack of SUV and Now Arrested

From the moment the off-duty cop came forward after waiting for four days after the incidents, his story just did not add up; how he didn't want to blow his cover and etc.  Whether he was riding with the thugs for investigation or not, he has a duty to report and help with the investigation right after the incident.

Today, it's confirmed that New York police have arrested one of their own on riot and criminal mischief charges in connection with the September 29 attack on an SUV driver in New York City, a law enforcement official said Tuesday.

Wojciech Braszczok, a 32-year-old detective in the New York Police Department who was off-duty at the time, is allegedly shown on a video pounding on the Range Rover as it drove amid a sea of motorcyclists on the city's West Side Highway, according to the official. That video is now in investigators' hands.

It is is not clear if the detective participated in the beating of the vehicle's driver that followed.

Both charges Braszczok faces are felonies, according to the law enforcement official.

Braszczok was one of at least two off-duty undercover officers who were riding with fellow bikers that day, a law enforcement official told CNN.
He was riding with his motorcycle club when the incident occurred and saw much of the confrontation, a law enforcement source told CNN last week. The undercover officer allegedly didn't inform supervisors about the incident until three days later, telling internal affairs investigators that he waited because he reportedly was afraid his cover would be blown.

Police say the subsequent beating included kicks to Lien's head and body as he lay on the highway. Lien suffered two black eyes and cuts on his face and side, requiring stitches, a police detective's criminal complaint said.

His wife and daughter were unharmed. A witness who tried to help the driver told CNN that bikers also tried to drag Lien's wife from the vehicle while a two-year-old child was in the back seat.

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