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Tesla Stock Burned after a Video of Model S Engulfed in Flame Hits Online

The inevitable has happened. A Tesla Model S has caught fire.

What caused the North American Car of the Year to burst into flames? The driver reportedly struck a metal object in the road outside Kent, Washington. Shortly after, the Model S displayed warnings of something wrong with the vehicle. The Associated Press describes that the fire report indicated the object punctured the front section of the car-length battery pack.

Luckily, the driver was able to exit the car before any injuries were sustained, according to Yahoo Autos.
Firefighters report a blaze so resilient that they had to use a dry chemical extinguisher to finally put out the blaze. And when they thought they had stamped it out, they removed the front of the car to find a battery still smoldering.

As you can see in the video below – let me warn our more sensitive readers of foul language used by the amateur videographer – that the flames never move past the mostly empty, carpeted front section of the car.
This is good news, as even if passengers had for some reason remained in the cabin, they wouldn’t have been directly at risk.

Nearly 180,000 cars catch fire each year on American roads, so scenes such as this are no surprise. This is, however, the first such fire for Tesla.

The car isn’t the only victim of this fire. After the story of the EV fire spread, Tesla stock dropped 6.2 percent, according to USA Today.

Tesla Founder and CEO Elon Musk recently offered advice via Twitter to Boeing when it was experiencing fire issues with lithium-ion batteries onboard its 787 Dreamliner. No word yet on which genius billionaire will tweet unsolicited advice to Musk now that one of his babies has succumb to flames.

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