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Top 5 Cities in the U.S. with the Highest Insurance Rates

You probably already know that several factors influence your insurance premium such as your age, your car (model, age, type and etc.), your driving records (traffic tickets and auto accidents).

However, these is another huge factor that determines how much you pay to your auto insurance company which most people don't have much control over.

It's the location where you live.  Just like how some real estate agents say, "It's location, location and location".  In many cases, it's a much bigger factor than the characteristic of the driver like your marital status, occupation, and credit score.

With so many different factors in play, determining whether you’re getting the lowest rates possible might get confusing.

Check out the top 5 cities where the residents pay the biggest bucks for their insurance policy. By comparison,  residents in Bullhead City, AZ pays an avg of $702 / year.  So if you are relocating, you may want to check if your new destination commands ridiculously high insurance premium.

1. Detroit, MI: $4,599 / year

Ironically, the Motor City's auto insurance rates are so high residents often register their cars to addresses outside of the city just to save money. Another 19-percent of Detroiters just forego insurance all together, a dicey move in the only state with both no-fault insurance and guaranteed unlimited lifetime personal injury benefits for those injured in a car crash. Detroiters also pay much higher rates due to the out-of-control crime rates and the expense of medical treatment for poorer residents without health insurance.

2. Brooklyn, NY: $4,133 / year

The most populous of New York's five boroughs follows close behind Detroit. Why? It's not just the intense traffic jams and accident rates. Fraud is a huge problem, according to Brooklyn Executive Assistant District Attorney Jeff Ferguson. Ferguson at a City Council hearing in January said at least 36% of insurance claims made in the borough are either fraudulent or inflated.

3. New Orleans, LA: $3,530 / year

With a very high rate of natural-disaster damage, the Crescent City earns the third spot on our most expensive list. According to the Insurance Research Council, Louisiana has the highest rate of bodily injury claims in the US. New Orleans also has had crime problems in the years following Hurricane Katrina.

4. Allison, TX: $3,385 / year

Allison is little more than a crossroads in the Texas Panhandle. It's also one of the most expensive places in America to get your car insured, though no one from the Texas Insurance Farm Bureau to the Texas Department of Insurance could explain why. The population, which has hovered around 130 people for the last three decades, pays the fourth highest insurance rates in the country. No wonder only a few dozen people live there.

5. Miami, FL: $2,632 / year

Insurance rates in the Sunshine State are the fifth highest in the nation, but maybe should be higher given the way Miamians drive. The city is number one in auto fatalities and pedestrian strikes. Insurance claims are also higher due to the astonishing thirty-five hit-and-runs committed in Miami-Dade County each day. Yup. Every day. recently named Miami as having the worst drivers in America.

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