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Updated Photos Reveal Biker Thugs Turned NYC Street into a War Zone

Just take one quick look at this SUV and could you believe that it's a result of attacks by gang of bikers in the middle of day on the a busy streets of NYC?  After all, the wife of the driver inside the SUV made 4 calls to 911 during the nine minutes of the event leading up to the vicious attack.

The front right tire of the SUV shows bare metal of the rim with no rubber left at all!  Glasses are broken in all three sides of the vehicle, indicating that the attack wasn't just on the driver as seen in the video.

To make the sad story even worse, the girlfriend of the injured biker, Edwin Mieses (aka Jay Meezee), when Lien tried to escape from the imminent threat to him and his family, is called for Lien's arrest in a press conference.  Dayana Mejia and a celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred hired by her claims Edwin Mieses tried to help Lien and defuse the tense situation.  How could these two women describe what happened at the scene as if they eyewitnessed the whole ordeal?

Family members of Edwin Mieses even setup a Facebook Page titled, "Justice for Jay Meezee" asking for donations and support.  It's understandable and they have every right to ask for the support of someone who is seriously injured.  However, they are trying to portray him as a "hero" and "good Samaritan", when in fact when the guy is a part of the gang who have been seen terrorizing public roads in multiple occasion even prior to this incident.
The story just simply doesn't make sense in so many ways unless the NYC lacks any level of control over crimes committed in their city.  Now, reports are coming in revealing that there were 5-6 off duty cops among the biker gangs.  They were not there to investigate the group of bikers, and apparently they all stood there and watched Lien severally attacked by the gang.  Then guess what, these undercover cops left the scene and didn't even report to their superior about what happened for days.

A CNN's interview with one of the witness who came to the rescue of Lien stated that the bikers actually attacked the wife and 2-year old baby as well.  How can we prevent this kind of violent crimes unless the criminals are brought to the justice and sentenced to the maximum penalty allowed by the law?

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