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You May See Cars Equipped with External Air Bags as early as 2020

This may be another case of what you see in the science fiction movie becoming a reality.  TRW Automotive is working on external airbags which it hopes to have in production cars by the end of the decade.

“Side crashes are still one of the highest accident rates, accounting for 37-40 per cent of accidents,” said TRW’s vice-president and general manager lifecycle management, Norbert Kagerer.

The bags would deploy from a car's side sills in 20 to 30 milliseconds, and would be triggered by signals from radar-based sensors or cameras. To ensure a rapid deployment in 20-30 milliseconds, two inflators are used. TRW has patented a unique inner structure to make the bag stiffer, while the bag’s pressure depends on the manufacturer’s strategy.

The bags being tested are 78.7 inches long, 27.5 inches high, 5.9 to 7.8 inches deep, and have a capacity of 70.6 cubic feet.

The external airbags have been under development for about three years, with some funding from the European Union.

If the tests are successful, TRW hopes to install its new airbags in the rocker panels of German luxury sedans before the end of the decade.
This isn't the first time a company has tried to make roads safer with external airbags.

Pedestrian airbags debuted at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show on the 2013 Volvo V40. If the car collides with a pedestrian, the trailing edge of the hood pops up and a U-shaped bag deploys from underneath to cushion the impact.

A group of Japanese engineers working off a similar concept essentially replaced a golf cart's front bumper with an inflated airbag to soften the blow of collisions in city traffic.

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