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Honda Distinguishes Itself with FCEV 2015 Concept

Honda has reaffirmed its commitment to hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) with the unveiling of the Honda FCEV Concept at the Los Angeles Motor show.

The car received so much attention at the show, being the most radical car on the show floor. Honda of America CEO Tetsuo Iwamura says the exotic-looking and aerodynamic FCEV Concept, making its world debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show "hints at Honda's future direction for fuel-cell vehicles. While this car is a concept, it points toward a very real future."

Designed as an answer to the capacity and charge time issues surrounding traditional battery-based electric vehicles, fuel-cell vehicles promise emission-free driving from a hydrogen-based power stack.

Honda's work in this area, the company claims, is considerable: compared to the fuel cell stack found in the Honda FCX Clarity it has increased the power density by 60 per cent while reducing the size by 33 per cent.

From those figures, Honda predicts a range of 300 miles and a refuelling time of three minutes based on a hydrogen pump working at a pressure of 70MPa.

The next-generation Honda FCEV Concept is the first vehicle to use the new hydrogen fuel-cell stack, ahead of Honda's plans to launch a production model in 2015. While it claims the design of the concept represents a possible styling direction, it seems unlikely it will make it to market unmodified: there's a certain science fiction inspiration to the concept, including the wing-like protrusions which cover the two rear wheels.

Honda, however, is adamant that the design is not just an experiment. "The Honda FCEV Concept hints at Honda’s future direction for fuel-cell vehicles" claimed Tetsuo Iwamura, president and CEO of Honda's American arm, at the unveiling. "While this car is a concept, it points toward a very real future."

The production Honda FCEV is expected to launch in the US and Japan in 2015, with a European launch to follow shortly after.

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