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More All Electric Cars Coming on Your Way - L.A. Auto Show

This years LA Auto Show is unveiling a number of new all electric cars, and three all electric cars are creating quite a buzz.

Fiat’s 500e, the BMW i3, and the Chevy Spark EV seem to be getting all the media attention. The Spark EV is already exceeding GM’s sales expectations. That is good news for GM, considering that the diminutive EV has only been on sale for 5 months in a restricted geographical market, California and Oregon.

All electric cars are becoming more affordable, and more popular, in part due to a campaign to place 1 million electric vehicles on California roads in the next ten years. That is especially true here in California - which remains the king of hybrid & all electric cars.

While the Spark EV is enjoying the spotlight at the LA Auto Show, Chevy’s Volt for 2014 continues to convert car buyers to the idea of electric drive. The clip above features a fascinating look at the inner-workings of the Chevy Volt’s keyless entry and remote start system.

The car itself was a groundbreaking piece of engineering, and the innovative design goes right down to the security and convenience features on the extended-range vehicle. Note the logic built into the system, as each part of the keyless entry program is either easy to figure out or pleasantly intuitive. One thing the video makes clear is that GM left no stone unturned when designing the Chevy Volt, and the improvements continue with each new model year.

The Spark EV, which is currently produced only in Korea, is the only pure electric vehicle General Motors offers. By comparison, the Chevy Volt range-extended electric vehicle sold 1,027 units in October alone in the 14-state Western Region, said Sullivan. More than half of those Volt sales were in California, he added. (Total U.S. sales of the Volt in October were 2,022 units.

Spark EV weights about 600 pounds more than the gasoline version of the car, but reviewers note that the EV model is zippier and really fun to drive. Plus, the price is right, considering its costlier competition in the EV market. On average, Spark EV notches about 82 miles per charge. After the $7,500 tax credit.

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Unknown said...

I wish the Spark EV, and Honda Fit EV was available for people over the North Oregon border in Vancouver Washington. They are fun, fast, efficient cars.

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