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Self-Driving Cars will Lower Auto Insurance Premium

90 percent of drivers surveyed are willing to consider self-driving car if that means lower insurance premium by 80 percent.  However, 75 percent of the respondents answered that they cannot trust such technology enough to put their kid's safety on the line.

Online insurance brokers surveyed 2000 drivers and found that while most had more faith in their own skills than a computer-based system, they'd still consider giving up the steering -- and pedals -- to save money on insurance.

Self Driving Car development by Google
Tesla Motors in Talk with Google about Driverless Car

If an autonomous car meant an 80 per cent cut on their insurance cost, more than 30 per cent said they'd be very likely to buy such a car, and 90 per cent said they would at least consider buying one, and 20 per cent said they'd be happy to let a driverless car take over completely even if there was no benefit to their insurance premium.

However there was still strong faith in humans being better behind the wheel than computers, with 75 per cent believing they could drive better than a computer, and the same percentage saying they would not trust a driverless car to take their children to school, while 64 per cent believed humans are better at decision-making than computers.

 "Autonomous cars don't get distracted, text or drink while driving. They have a 360-degree view of the surrounding area and never get tired. Google robotics visionary Sebastian Thrun has predicted that autonomous vehicles could reduce traffic accidents by 90 per cent," the survey said.  Such numbers prove that distracted driving is the biggest source of auto accidents.

Despite the strong push down the autonomous path by technology giants like Google, 54 per cent would still prefer to buy a driverless car from traditional vehicle brands such as Ford, with 18 per cent nominating tech car brands like Tesla as their choice, and just 15 per cent choosing software makers like Google and 12 per cent going for hardware makers like Apple. A mere one per cent would trust an autonomous car from a telecommunications company like Telstra, Optus or Vodaphone.

That's a bad news for technology companies trying to get into automobile business in the near future.  Automobile business is notorious for being tough for the newcomers to build reputation.

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