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Esurance's Solution to Teen Texting and Driving Problem

American teenagers are the highest risk group when it comes to driving safety. Youngsters between 16 and 19 drive too fast and brake too late. They are especially bad at driving drunk. They also play with their phones too much, which is what prompted New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to approve a plan to reduce texting while driving.

This new voluntary program, called “DriveSafe,” allows Esurance policyholders to install a device, free of charge, in their cars. The initiative, which was reviewed and approved by the New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS), lets parents choose to create customized “block lists” that can stop specific cell phone activities when the car is in motion.

Esurance, part of Allstate Corp., is providing the DriveSafe device free of charge to policyholders with teen drivers 15-19 years of age who are listed on the policy. Policyholders can obtain more information about the program — including vehicle and phone compatibility — by contacting Esurance.

The DriveSafe device can be inserted into the onboard diagnostics port of any non-hybrid/electric car made after 1996. The device communicates via Bluetooth with the Esurance smart phone app. Parents can then fine-tune what their kids' phones can do. "Customize block lists so they can't tweet but can still access navigation apps and receive calls from you," Esurance suggests. Or simply disable texting. Parents can literally do anything they want. Regardless of what parents do, the phones will still be able to call 911.

The device not only limits cell phone use, it also tracks every aspect of a teen's drive: how fast they went, how quickly they accelerated, how hard they braked, and where they went. It's basically the one telematics device to rule them all.

The device send the parents a message like pictured below after a teen has gone for a drive.

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