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Garmin's High Tech Dash Cam May Change the Way You Drive

In many parts of the world, dash cam have become commodity a few years back already, recording everything from auto accidents to crazy events that may just happen on the roadside.

However, such gadgets are still a rarity due to many factors, but one obvious one is the availability of the products. Sure, you can order on online from the likes of Ebay or Amazon, but not many consumers are willing to drop anywhere from $100-$300 for a unfamiliar products made by unknown brands.

Garmin may change the industry with the introduction of the cute little gadget that can record video and even detect accidents.

Garmin's new $250 Dash Cam is about to hit the market in February. This tiny camera sits inside your windshield and records everything that's happening in front of your vehicle through a wide angle lens.

In a nutshell, it automatically time-stamps and geo-tags the video footage in the case of accident to help you with an insurance claim or police investigation

Many drivers are already familiar with the portable GPS units from Garmin and its competitors that are installed in a similar fashion.  The adoption of such dash cams can surely rise pretty fast if other major consumer brands joins in causing the price to drop as well.

Garmin Dash Cam Features

The Dash Cam affixes to the windshield with a suction cup mount and is powered by the car's 12-volt power system, automatically springing to life when the engine is started and shutting down when the car does. A wide-angle HD camera points out of the windshield at the road ahead and records a continuous loop of 1080p, 720p, or WVGA video onto its included 4GB microSD card. Up to 32GB memory cards are supported, should the user want more space to store more incidents or increase the length of the recording loop.

As soon as you start your vehicle, the Dash Cam automatically starts recording everything it sees to an included 4GB microSD card, but that can also be upgraded to a 32GB card if you live and drive in a particularly dangerous area. Using a built-in sensor the camera automatically detects incidents or accidents based on braking or sudden stops, and then stores the relevant video files with the added location, time, speed, and directional data. Otherwise, the video is just recorded over when the card fills up, until something happens.

A relatively tiny 2.3-inch LCD screen ensures proper framing when attaching the Dash Cam to your windshield, but also allows incidents to be replayed at the scene. And the camera can be quickly removed for taking snapshots of damage or other pertinent information when and if something happens. A cheaper version of the Dash Cam lacking GPS capabilities will also be available for $220, but the added location data might just be worth it if the video ever ends up as a piece of evidence in court.

Doesn't Smartphone do that with an App?

Yes, in fact, it does pretty much everything that standalone dash cam does.   But anyone who tried it would run into multiple issues immediately.  First, it's the hassle of mounting and un-mounting the smartphone each time you want to use it as a dash cam.

Also, recording a HD video requires quite a lot of processing power, and it will quickly heat up the phone when compounded with the heat from the sun.  Lastly, the lens in the phone's camera is typically not wide enough to capture the entire scene in front of the car.

What Other Implications Does Dash Cam Cause?

The greatest benefit of having a dash cam is to capture the video for the benefit of the owner, but it can actually work against him/her if the owner is at fault of the accidents or drives recklessly.  It may, in fact, change the way some people drive.

Some cars may even come with factory installed video cams as an option in the future.

Stay tuned for more news on availability of dash cams.

Updated:  It's available now with limited quantity.  Follow the link below to see the lowest price.

Garmin Dash Cam 20 Standalone Driving Recorder

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