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European Policy Plans to Equip Every New Car with a Remote Kill Switch

The European Network of Law Enforcement Technologies has been secretly developing a remote kill switch that may be mandated on every new car sold in Europe according to The Daily Telegraph report.

Documents that were recently obtained and leaked by a civil rights group, Statewatch, revealed a some details of the technology that that can be integrated into every vehicle.

If the plan is executed successfully, law enforcement officers no longer need to pursue a high speed chase.  All they have to do is simply press a button from a computer terminal to stop the engine on any car equipped with the new technology.

The system supposedly work by shutting off fuel supply on command. It seems to me such a technology can introduce serious problems in so many ways.  It's hard to imagine such a technology or product can work reliably 100% of the time with absolutely no possibility of malfunction.

I don't see how the law enforcement can ensure that the remote kill switch doesn't end up in a wrong hand of criminals or hackers.

The document also does not mention about electric and hybrid vehicles.  Aren't we all supposed to changing over to electric powered vehicles in a near future?  Would you want such device installed in your new vehicle?

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