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High Speed LTE (300Mbps) Coming to Automobiles Soon

The government in Europe and North American as well as number of private companies have been in talk to bright car to car connectivity in the near future.  It seems we may actually see high speed internet connection coming to future cars even earlier; perhaps within two years if everything goes as planned.

Qualcomm, a leader in mobile chip industry, announced Gobi 9x30 modem which can bring the latest LTE performance to the car industry.  This is a follow-up to the previously announced Qualcomm 602A chip which is less capable.

Gobi 9x30 is a highly compatible 4G LTE modem that can connect to the RF360 front-end all over the world.  Since there are more than 40 different LTE frequencies, developing a product with such a high level of compatibility wasn't a easy task.

Qualcomm claims that the LTE modem can reach a theoretical speed of 300Mbps, but we all know that we won't actually see that kind of speed in real-life scenarios.  I'll be happy even at 10% of that speed as 30Mbps is plenty fast for streaming full HD video.

The company is also in another development project with Google working on car to car connectivity.  So it's not clear how everything will unfold in the next few years, but I can clearly see the next revolution in car technology will happen in not so distant future.

The lawmakers and automaker must also consider what type of impact this will have on distracted driving.  Drivers today are already distracted enough just with smartphone.  Can you imagine cars that have full connectivity to the Internet; Emails, YouTube and Facebook on a screen built into the car?

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