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Speed Cameras in New Miami Shut Down by a Judge

It's one thing if the speed cameras are installed in strategically selected locations to increase the safety of the public but what if the primary goal behind it was to increase the revenue of the local government?

Today, a Butler County judge ruled New Miami must now stop using its speed cameras in operation currently.  This is a follow-up to a similar court decision in Elmwood Place last year.

Judge Michael Sage issued a permanent injunction prohibiting new Miami from running the cameras that were in operation for 15 months. In that time the cameras issued "notices of liability" to as many as 10,000 people and the village collected roughly $1 million.

The lawsuit was prompted by some drivers filing suit after receiving notices of liability from the village saying they owed fines based on those cameras.

"I couldn't talk to a magistrate," Michelle Johnson said. "I couldn't explain the situation. It didn't have an accurate time or location of when I receive the ticket and that was the most frustrating thing when I receive that in the mail."

The judge in his decision said the process of an administrative hearing versus a day in court violated a citizen’s due process rights.

He even went further by allowing those who have already paid fines to join a class action suit.  The city plans on filing a appeal.

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