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Do You Want to Monitor Your Teen Driver's Activity?

Here is the high tech gadget designed to do just that.  The tiny device is called Truvolo. It's basically a  transmitter that plugs directly into your car's data port and communicate with an Android-based app, allowing you to monitor the car and the driver.

It tracks speed, location, miles per gallon, and where the car is located at any given time to how well the person drove on recent trips.

Interestingly, this unique product was developed by parents whose teenage son was getting ready for his first drive.  Jaideep and Sandhya Jain had all the good intentions for developing such a device:

It wasn't about wanting to spy on him, but about making him a better driver," says Jaideep, 43, whose son, Anoop, is 16. "I looked at the statistics, and the first year of anyone's driving life has the most incidents, simply because you think you know everything but, of course, you don't.
A recently concluded Indiegogo campaign for the product -- which is $99 and is available for pre-order on the company's Web site -- did not meet its goal, but the Jains are pressing ahead and aim to ship product in July.

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