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German Made Electric Bike Comes with a Large Storage

The electric bike or motorcycle by FEDDZ almost appear to be prototype device displayed in a auto show, but it's actually production model available for purchase.

The design looks so unique and cool that it should have won an international design award to be honest.  The very first thing that is noticeable is the giant hole in the middle where petrol tanks are typically located.  Instead of a tank, the space has been smartly repurposed as a built-in storage.

Designed and built by Germany’s Emo-Bike, the Feddz uses an electric motor built into the hub of the wheel, leaving a giant hole in motorcycle’s frame. And with the addition of a few adjustable straps, suddenly you have 23 litres of storage that’s not hanging off the front handlebars like a giant basket.

FEDDZ is made light equipped with a gear selector - let's the rider to choose from one of three low gears. It can get started in a relaxed fashion or with sporty acceleration from 0 to 45 km/hr.  There is even a USB charging port, but you probably don't want to overuse that features unless you don't mind shorter driving range.

It is available with two different 48-volt lithium-ion batteries; the larger one estimated at a 110km range on a seven-hour charge.  Obviously, the range can vary significantly based on the weight that's been place on the bike and the type of elevation on the road. The Feddz is priced just under $8,400 (US) before adding the options.  So it is not great on the affordability side of the equation.  It's probably more costly since this is street legal motorcycle, not an e-bike.

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