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Hyundai Tuscon Powered by Human Wasted Available Now

It's a great news for environmentally minded drivers looking for the next generation power source for their car. A new car developed by Hyundai Motors runs on a fuel that is truly environment friendly: human poop.

This new vehicle will run entirely on hydrogen that is cheaply processed by processing solid waste in Orange County, California.

It is expected to be available for leasing only shortly in the spring 2014.  The fuel will also be pumped to local stations in the area. Currently, there are only about 10 stations available.

Over 90,000 people have expressed interest in the lease program, showing how much the public has interest in vehicles using alternative power source.  Other major auto makers have been trying to release production ready fuel cell cars for several years, and Hyundai has clearly won the race despite of the infrastructure not being fully ready.

As a bonus for being an early adopter, Hyundai will be paying for all fuel costs. “We want them to have a good experience. We don’t want them waiting for fuel, we don’t want them driving all over for fuel,” Hyundai representative says.

“We’ll handle paying for the fuel, because there are also issues with what it costs--a lot of the hydrogen fuel cell stations right now just aren't capable of charging what you’d pay for gas.”

The tank fills up in about three minutes, and the car can travel for around 300 miles before filling up again. It looks like a typical SUV, with just a minor difference: There’s a little less space behind the rear seats to leave space for the fuel tank.

For customers that are worried about the safety of the hydrogen fuel tank, especially after what happened to Tesla's electric car, the company insists that the car is extremely safe.  According to Hyundai, “The fuel tank’s an inch thick and wrapped in carbon fiber,” and “In testing, we tried to penetrate it with a high-powered rifle, we set in on fire, we crash-tested it. The thing’s impenetrable."

The leasing price is set at $499 a month, not that high when you factor in free fuel provided by the company. The best part is that you won't be contributing to LA-area smog.

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