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Now 25 Countries Joined the Search for Malaysian Airplane

Malaysia said on Sunday the number of countries involved in efforts to find a missing passenger jet had nearly doubled to 25 as it began a new push to find the plane across a vast arc of land and ocean.

"The number of countries involved in the search and rescue operation has increased from 14 to 25, which brings new challenges of coordination and diplomacy to the search effort," said Hishammuddin Hussein, Malaysia´s defence and transport minister.

Authorities are checking on ground staff, crew and passengers.

Police have not received background checks on all the passengers. Police chief Inspector General Khalid Abu Bakar said they are still waiting for other countries to respond. So far nothing alarming has come from the information they have received.

Malaysian police are also examining a flight simulator belonging to one of the pilots of the missing jetliner and investigating engineers who worked on the plane, sharpening the probe into the jet's disappearance after authorities revealed it was a deliberate act.

While many people believe the plane has crashed, there is a very small possibility it may have landed somewhere and be relatively intact. Affendi, the air force general, and Hishammuddin, the defense minister, said it was possible for the plane to "ping" when it was on the ground if its electrical systems were undamaged.

With today’s satellite networks, data on all aspects of the aircrafts systems could similarly be transmitted. With thousands of aircraft flying daily, this obviously involves a huge amount of data but the industry and regulators will have to look into how it can be done in a manageable way so that aircraft can't simply vanish into thin air.

With the aircraft's last position being some 2,200 nautical miles from its last known position and much of the search area being little more than guesswork, finding the plane remains the number one priority. The inquisition will begin later.

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