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A Florida Man Shut Down Cellphones of Nearby Drivers

Here is a man that hates other drivers talking on cellphones while driving, enough to take the matters into his own hands.  Jason R. Humphreys was operating a cellular jamming device along Interstate 4 during his daily commute between Seffner and Tampa.

So why did he do that.  He simply didn't like people talking on a cellphone, and apparently he succeed accomplishing his goal.  Jason must be using pretty powerful jammer because the cellular company Metro PCS noticed problem in the area in the morning and evening.

FCC agents investigated the problem when they were contacted by Metro PCS, and was able to detect "strong wideband emission" coming out of a blue Toyota Highlander SUV.  The signal jammer was so effective it even cut off Hillsborough County Shefiff's communication radio when they approached Jason's SUV.

Jason Humphresys admitted to using the jamming device for 16 to 24 months, but he believed that the device only worked for 30 feet radius.  I guess he hasn't seen anyone talking on the phone around him for a quite a while.

So what's the penalty for this poor guy who simply didn't want people talking on a cell while driving?  FCC issued $48,000 fine with a 30-day timeline to pay up or explain why he will not.

According to FCC official, the use of a jamming device is illegal and dangerous as it can prevent from communicating in emergency situations.

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