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Airbag Thefts on the Rise Across the Country

I remember the times when car stereo systems and subwoofers used to be the hottest target for thieves.  Then the wheels also became the next target forcing people with upgraded wheels to install wheel locks.

Fast forward to 2014, air bags in vehicles are one of the hottest targets for thieves across the nation.  Fairfax County reported this week that more than 50 airbags have been stolen inside the county alone.  Apparently, here is a huge demand for the stolen airbags in the black market.

Baltimore County police also said that the airbag thefts are on the rise, especially for Nissan, Honda and Acura brands.

A brand new air bag costs about $1,000, but the thieves can make a quick cash by selling each for anywhere between $50 and $200.  Each year, about 50,000 airbags are stolen around the country.

Another main reason making the airbag the prime target is because it can be taken out in a matter of minutes even during broad daylight.  With a special tool, it can be popped out of the dash or steering wheel.

If you are getting a airbag installed or replaced after an accident, it's crucial to make sure it's a brand new one.  A stolen airbag may compromise your safety during a crash since it may not deploy property or not at all.  In fact, a damaged airbag may deploy all of a sudden without a warning.

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