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How Bad is Texting and Driving - Latest Stats

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Distracted driving has been around way before the invention of cellphones in the form reading, eating, listening to music and etc.  So what's so different about using cellphones and smartphones while driving?  That's because it involves all three types of distraction at the same time: cognitive, visual, and manual.

In 2011, drivers distracted with use of cellphones caused estimated 1.3 million crashes or 23% of all auto accidents.  There is no doubt the number would be higher in 2012 and so forth.

Texting in particular is even more dangerous as researchers have found that the average amount of time the attention is taken away from the road is 5 seconds.  You know a lot can happen in 5 seconds even at a speed as low as 25 mph.

For instance, the cellphone use while driving is a serious problem in the area I am, in DC metro which is known to have the worst drivers in the country.

Check out this awesome graphical illustration with the latest key statistics on cellphone and driving.  It's called "Driving while Intexticated"

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