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Keep Your Rear Clean with Detachable Bike Fenders

Have you ever biked in the rain or ride through a puddle of water?  If so, you know what happens next unless you have one of those fenders to block the water from splashing up onto your back.

I think all commuter bikes or non-professional use bikes should come with built-in fenders, but they don't.  I haven't yet to see one bike from major manufacturers, but a few models of so called, "city bike" or "commuter bike" do come with a set pre-installed.

Fenders make a bike ride in the rain a lot more tolerable.  Installing fenders to your bike is relatively easy whether you have road bike, comfort bike or even mountain bike.

Like the one pictured from SKS comes in a set and features quick release system.

SKS Raceblade Bike Fender Set Features:

  • Quick release racing bike fender
  • No eyelets required
  • Tool-free mounting in seconds
  • Includes adapter for aero forks
  • Weighs 250 grams

Check out the best price on this model from Amazon

You can also browse to see all available type and size of fender sets:

Bicycle Fender Set for All Types

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