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Vanmoof 10 Electrified is Everything E-bike Should Be

E-bikes get a bad rap, in the similar fashion as electric vehicles do for its unfashionable exterior design.  For an evolving industry such as e-bike, the function and utility aspect of thee product triumph over the styling I guess.

Most early models of e-bikes are simply ugly, heavy, unreliable and expensive. But that's about to change soon.  The popularity of e-bikes in many European and Asian countries have exploded in recent years, and the new models are popping out from new innovative start-ups on weekly basis.

Netherlands is in the forefront of that revolution, being the most bike-centric country in the world.. The new Vanmoof 10 Electrified designed and built in that country is everything an e-bike should be. It’s light for an e-bike (42 pounds), reasonably priced ($2,998), and requires low maintenance.

Aimed at urban commuters, the 10 Electrified uses what VANMOOF calls "smart power assistance" technology. With the help of a crank-mounted sensor, the onboard computer system measures the rider's pedaling output and seamlessly adjusts motor output accordingly.

The system is designed to deliver just the right amount of motor assistance. The front wheel-mounted 250-watt motor can add up to 80 percent to the cyclist's own pedaling power. The bike can be ridden with or without motor assistance.

That sounds like how some of the best hybrid automobile works.  More importantly, it doesn't look like an e-bike. The engineers also managed to pack five battery cells in there without enlarging the frame.

The Electrified is rider-controlled with a combination of a small dashboard interface on the front of the top tube and a remote control. The owner can turn the bike on and off with the remote control and view battery life and motor power on the dashboard.

A full charge from empty takes 3 hours, and yields between 19 and 37 miles of power. Mileage will vary depending upon mode, rider weight and weather conditions. Speed tops out at 18 mph–fast enough to pass most cyclists on the way to work, but not so fast that a cop would pull you over.

The GPS tracking chip, controlled by a smart phone app works as a anti-theft device. Several Electrified 10s were stolen during a recent Vanmoof pilot program, and police recovered each one, thanks to its GPS tracking device.

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