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Which Mode of Commuting Yields the Highest Satisfaction?

Which mode of transportation have you utilized for your daily morning commute?  There are so many ways to get to your job or maybe not, depending on the area you leave and the location of the job.

Many of you probably use more than one mode of transportation every morning.  Latest studies have uncovered that not all modes of transport are created equal.

According to a researchers at McGill University in Montreal in a study titled, “The happy commuter: A comparison of commuter satisfaction across modes”

“Pedestrians, train commuters and cyclists are significantly more satisfied than drivers, metro and bus users. We also establish that determinants of satisfaction vary considerably by mode, with modes that are more affected by external factors generally displaying lower levels of satisfaction.”

The study was conducted based on nearly 3,400 participants who commuted to campus on a single mode to describe their typical trip in both winter and summer, and to rate their satisfaction with various aspects of that trip. The researchers then converted the ratings into a single satisfaction score for each of six commute modes.”

Here is the result of the study:

Pedestrians - 85 percent
Train commuters - 84 percent
Cyclists - 82 percent
Drivers  - 77 percent
Metro riders  - 76 percent
Bus riders - 75.5 percent

One notable outcome is the surprisingly high satisfaction rate for train commuters when compared to other public transport options.  Bus gets the title of "The least satisfying transport mode".  And the top position goes to the one that does not involve and technology and machinery, walking!

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