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An Audit Reveals Traffic Tickets in D.C. is Out of Control

Have you every received a traffic citations or speeding tickets in D.C., the nation's capital.  You may have not broken any law.

We have reported on this topic a few times already, but the situation has not gotten any better.  In fact, a latest audit shows with a hard evidence that this has been increasingly lucrative business for the city.

The revenue collected for the city now reaches $179 million annually.  Drivers are getting tickets for doing nothing wrong other than just driving around the city or even vehicles that they don't own.

Guess how many citations has been written by the law enforcement agencies in D.C.  It's almost 2.5 million parking and traffic tickets for the fiscal year 2013.  That's almost 7,000 per day.


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A part of the formula to make this happen is that the relatively small city has installed 87 speed cameras, all positioned strategically.  Often time, the staff issues the citation without conclusive evidence and not enough research done to determine who is responsible for the violation.

What's more shocking?  The inspector general uncovered that the speed camera cannot precisely identify which vehicle was breaking the law when multiple vehicles are captured in the photo.  In that case, an arbitrary decision was made to pick the one closed to the speed camera.

D.C. Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier surely doesn't agree with the findings in the report, calling the report “flawed” and “sensationalist.” She said there is widespread support for the District’s use of automated speeding and red-light cameras.

She even elaborated that the use of speed cameras in the city is to modify driver behavior to increase the safety for other motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists.

So drive in to D.C. if you are willing to accept the risk of getting unjustified traffic tickets. Fighting these tickets is also lengthy process with very low success rate.

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