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Google Glass Found to be a Distraction for Drivers

We have previously reported about a lady who was issued a traffic ticket for simply wearing a Google Glass while she was driving.  Perhaps, there is a good reason behind this.

A latest research conducted by the National Safety Council showed that texting while driving via either smartphone and Google Glass resulted in distraction, delaying response to emergency situation.

The study, however, did note that Glass user were able to react a little faster than those using smartphone to text.

The experiment was done with 40 volunteers in the twenties, who were asked to drive in a car simulator with either a Glass or smartphone.  Then the reaction time was recorded when they were presented with incoming vehicle heading toward the driver.

Could this be the answer to the ever rising problem associated with using a smartphone while driving?  Cell phone use is reportedly associated with 1.6 million crashes per year.  However, the number could be much higher if count in all that unreported accidents.

"While Glass-using drivers demonstrated some areas of improved performance in recovering from the brake event, the device did not improve their response to the event itself," according to a representative at the National Safety Council.  He added, "More importantly, for every measure we recorded, messaging with either device negatively impacted driving performance. Compared to those just driving, multitaskers reacted more slowly, preserved less headway during the brake event, and subsequently adopted greater following distances."

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