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Google Testing Self-Driving Robot at NASA Research Center

Unlike on the streets of CA, Google does not have to install steering wheel, gas pedal and even a brake inside NASA's Ames Research Center in Mountain View, CA.

NASA employees get to test this cute self-driving robot on their campus, courtesy of Google.

Google recently signed a deal with Ames management to test its control-less prototypes on the campus where over 2,000 NASA employees work. The main reason behind it; it's based on the Moffett Federal Airfield, which isn't subject to the California's autonomous vehicle testing regulations.
Photo by Google

The planned tests would mark the first time that Google has tested its self-driving cars on streets without having a human driver for backup.

Google has long invested and tested various prototypes using Lexus and Toyota vehicles on California roads with human drivers behind the wheel.  The future tests panned at the NASA Ames Research Center marks the next stage in the development of autonomous car.

The idea of walking around streets containing self-driving cars has some NASA Ames employees worried, according to the Mountain View Voice.

How would you feel when you see robotic cars with no drivers roaming on the streets near you?

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