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New Radar Gun to Allow Police to Detect Texting Drivers

Many states or most states have already banned texting while driving in response to rising number of fatal car accidents it has caused.  The real problem for the law enforcement has been catching those who violate the law.

Often times, it's quite difficult to visually identify drivers texting while driving.  It is, in fact, much easier to spot drivers talking on the cell phone without hands-free system, but many states still allow talking on a cell phone while driving.

It looks like police may soon have a new high tech weapon that can help do their job.  A Virginia company based in Harrisonburg called Virginia Pilot is working on a device that detects the radio signals sent out from a vehicle when someone inside is using a cell phone.

The hand-held radar device is able to differentiate text messaging from phone calls.  It can also be wielded the same way an officer uses a radar gun.

The company says there are no real privacy concerns surrounding its proposal as the device cannot decode information such as text messages.

Colorado-based entrepreneur Scott Tibbits is working on a similar solution with a different approach.

His company, Katasi, has developed a system that will lock incoming calls or text messages to mobile phones while cars are on the move. The system involves a small black box that connects to a car's onboard diagnostics port before blocking incoming mobile traffic to the driver's handset.

Hopefully, we will put an end to texting while driving problem within a few years as the technology advances to a new level.

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