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The Average Fuel Economy Surpasses 25 MPG

The average gas mileage was at 20.1 mpg in October 2007 when the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute began tracking the fuel economy of new vehicles sold in the U.S.

Today, that figure has jumped to incredible 25.8 mpg. What's even better; the uptrend is clearly evident when looking at the chart, and it may reach 26 by October of this year when more fuel-efficient 2015 models roll out.

Consumer demand and government regulations are finally paying off, driving fuel efficiency to an all-time high.

The average for cars for the 2014 model year so far has reached 25.6 mpg, up 4.5 mpg from new-model cars sold seven years ago when the institute began collecting such data – a huge increase, said John O’Dell, a senior editor at

UMTRI gathers sales stats from automakers, then figures in the combined city/highway fuel economy ratings commonly found on window stickers to calculate the average.

The mpg hikes are primarily due to increasingly prominent hybrid, plug-in and electric vehicle technology, now found in all kinds of models for most major car brands.

Federal government enacted new regulation for automakers to amp up their models’ average mpg to 54.5 by 2025.

This may seem un-achievable but those standards are based on totally different formula. The formulas used to calculate CAFE are complicated, taking into account production volume, fleet-wide fuel economy averages, and other factors. The bottom line is that those formulas yield numbers significantly higher than "real world" fuel economy.

The mpg hikes we have seen in recent years are primarily due to increasingly prominent hybrid, plug-in and electric vehicle technology.  We may see such technology in virtually all vehicles by 2025.

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