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Are You Tempted to Brake Check Tailgaters? Read This First.

Tailgating - following the car too close - is not only dangerous but illegal in most jurisdictions.  Well, at least in the U.S.  What about slamming on the brake in a hope that the tailgater would back off?

That's even more dangerous and can put you in a serious travel financially and legally because it lead to criminal charges and civil lawsuits.  Some may argue otherwise, but this is not something where the risk outweighs the benefit by a huge margin.

I have seem some idiotic drivers that attempted at causing a crash when I didn't even tailgate the driver.  The other driver obviously look to be a habitual offender.  In one particular incident, this lady was tailgating me for a while then decided to go around my car and cut in really close.  It wasn't that I was driving slow or I had a large gap between my car of the car in front of me.   In fact, there was barely 30-40 feet of space between my car and the car in the front.

So I instinctively honked when she moved into my lane, and what happened next was pretty shocking.  She slammed on her brake and came to a complete stop in the middle of two lane street with 55 mile speed limit.  I was lucky that my car had much better braking performance than her car.

Suppose I rear-ended her car, I'd be at fault of the accident without evidence or a witness.  However, the the incident would unfold in opposite direction if my car is equipped with a dashcam or someone comes to a rescue as a witness.

Another highly likely outcome of brake checking is a road rage.  It's a human nature to either fight back or run away when threatened.  The forma case would surely lead to a road rage which can lead to a greater harm to other drivers in the vicinity. Take a look at this video. The driver really picked a wrong vehicle to brake check. With the video as an evidence, the driver of the red compact will be fully responsible for the damages and possible criminal charge.

How to handle tailgaters:

  1. Move over to the right lane when possible.
  2. Make the best judgement but do not speed up in a hope that the tailgater would keep proper distance.
  3. Pull over to let the tailgater pass if possible on a single lane street.
  4. Report to police.  Where to call list for each state - Link

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