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World's First Flying Car Closer to Production

Have you ever daydreamed of taking off the ground and flying over the cars stuck in bumper to bumper traffic?  A flying car that look like it literally popped out of sci-fi film is ready for production.

The Aeromobile is developed Slovakian firm and can fly 430 miles or 540 miles before needing a refuel.  With its wings folded down it can drive like a car and can fit into a standard size parking space.

The take-off speed is about 81 mph, so you won't be able to take off once you are stuck in the traffic.  It's unlikely that lawmakers will let you drive this hybrid aircraft/vehicle and fly into the air on demand on public roadways.

The company has been working on this technology for over 20 years since 1990.  According to Aeromobile, it's latest prototype is ready for the public viewing on October 29th during the Pioneers Festival in Austria.

Check out the official promo video released by the company.

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