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NYC Wants to Ban Texting and Talking While Biking

Do we really need a law to ban all kind of behaviors that people should know not to to as a common sense?  Maybe so, according to some lawmakers.  Perhaps the lawmaker should be mandated to come up with a solution on how to enforce the law when they create one.

I can see how someone biking at 25 mph can be a public safety hazard if the person is not focused on the road ahead.  It wont cause a damage anywhere near the level of motorized vehicle though.

The police already have a hard time enforcing the laws when it comes to drivers texting and talking on a handheld cellphone.

This newly proposed law in NYC carries $50 fine for the first offense which increase up to $200 for repeat violations.  The first time offenders will be able to avoid the fine by taking bike safety class.

A similar texting-while-biking ban is already in effect in Chicago, and California is considering a statewide ban. Other large cities may come up with similar laws if such laws are proven to be effective.

“Someone who’s biking needs to be alert, needs to think of safety first,” the mayor said. “They can’t do that if they’re simultaneously looking at a device. So I think the intent of the legislation is very good.”

But de Blasio warned that he still needs to look at the specific language in the bill.

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