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Obese Crash Dummies Developed to Reflect American Drivers

We all know these human like figures supposed to represent drivers and passenger during simulated crash tests.  One major problem is the increasing gap between the weight of those dummies used in the test and average size of general population in America.

The company behind “crash test dummies” has now created a more "portly" dummy to reflect Americans' waistlines.

“Studies show that obese drivers are 78 percent more likely to die in a car crash,” said Chris O' Connor, CEO of Humanetics, the only U.S. producer of the dummies.

Originally, the dummies were modeled after a person who weighed 167 pounds but the new dummies will be modeled after a 270-pound person.

“Typically you want someone in a very tight position with their rear against the back of the seat and the seatbelt tight to the pelvis,” O’Conner explained. “An obese person has more mass around midsection and a larger rear which pushes them out of position. They sit further forward and the belt does not grasp the pelvis as easily.”

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