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2016 Toyota Mirai, Hydrogen Full-Cell Car Coming in 2015

If you thought the name "Mirai" sounds Japanese, you are right on the dime.  It means "future' in Japanese, and the car is named rightfully so.

2016 Toyota Mirai will be fully powered by hydrogen instead of gasoline or an array of battery like most electric vehicles such as Tesla.

Fuel-cell vehicles are essentially electric cars with a hydrogen storage tanks on board. The fuel cell harvests electricity from the reaction of that hydrogen combining with oxygen. The only by-product coming out of this engine is water vapor, making the cars qualify as zero emission vehicles in states that have a zero emission classification.  Isn't that quiet amazing?

The Mirai is expected to drive about 300 miles with a full tank of hydrogen and the refilling will take about 5 minutes.  Hopefully, the range will increase and the charging time gets decreased as the technology advances in the near future.

Priced at around $60 grand with a low production number, sighting one of the Mirai on the street won't be easy even in the year 2016.  However, Toyota just announced a few days ago that the company is planning to triple its original production number.

So there is a possibility that the production number may get revised again.  Declining oil price does not play positively for alternative energy vehicles such as Mirai, however.

Today, the biggest obstacle for fuel-cell vehicles is a lack of hydrogen fueling stations around the country. Toyota is planning to work with some states to build hydrogen stations - New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

First drive reports indicates that the Mirai drive unlike anything they have driven to date, almost being surreal.

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