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Find a Free Air Pump Station Near You

Checking air pressure in your auto tires are super important but often neglected.  Tires are known to loose about 1 psi of air each month, and the change in temperature has a great affect on the tire air pressure.

I personally try to check and adjust the air pressure in my car every 2-3 months at the minimum.  One convenient option to purchase a portable air compressor.  I absolutely love the unit like the one pictured below.  In addition to filling up the air in your tires, it can also jump start a car.

It is currently on a special deal for $84.99 at

The other option is to pay a visit to a near by gas station with a air pump station.  The great news is that you can find one with free air station near you at -  The user generated data of free air stations are quite extensive.

Let's hope one of these airless tires hits the production lines sometime in the near future:

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