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Left Lane Law Update

It is quite shocking to see how many drivers have no clue about left lane laws as seen in this video.  The left lane law do differ slightly from state to state, but the underlying principle is same; it should only be used for passing!.

The Wikipedia definition is fairly straight forward:
Common practice and most law on United States highways is that the left lane is reserved for passing and faster moving traffic, and that traffic using the left lane must yield to traffic wishing to overtake. The United States Uniform Vehicle Code states:
Upon all roadways any vehicle proceeding at less than the normal speed of traffic at the time and place and under the conditions then existing shall be driven in the right-hand lane then available for traffic ...
It is also illegal in many states in the US to use the "far left" or passing lane on a major highway as a traveling lane (as opposed to passing), or to fail to yield to faster moving traffic that is attempting to overtake in that lane. For example, Colorado's "Left Lane Law" states:
A person shall not drive a motor vehicle in the passing lane of a highway if the speed-limit is sixty-five miles per hour
or more unless such person is passing other motor-vehicles that are in a non-passing lane...
 I believe this is such an important topic and should be covered in everyone's written driver test.

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