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Top 7 Tips for Lowering Your Auto Insurance Premium

1. Shop Around

The insurance premium can change significantly from one year to another.  

2. Just Ask

Most, if not all, insurance companies carry multiple auto insurance programs.  You may not be signed up for the best program you are eligible for.

3. Tracking Device

Car tracking devices can help clients find affordable auto insurance plans. It also prevents car theft and has many other advantages. Drivers should consider installing a tracking device on their vehicle for better security.

4. Get Quotes through various channels

Often times, getting an online quotes may end up giving you a lower premium, even from a same insurance company.  Getting an auto insurance quote is like buying a car.  You could score a lower premium by going through a insurance broker or sometimes even calling the insurance company directly.

5. Buy  a car that costs less in insurance

Unless you are fixated on a particular brand and model, it wouldn't hurt to check with your insurance company before making a decision on your next car.  Some cars simply cost less to insure, and it's not always the ones that have the highest crash test score costing the least in insurance premium.

6. Improve your credit score

Believe it or not, your credit score has a huge impact on determining auto insurance premium.  We covered this topic in details.

7. Check all discount programs

Each auto insurer has slight different list of discount program.  Check the company's website or request a list of the program so you can check to see you are getting credit for all that you are qualified for.

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