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Lyft and Airbnb Cards Now Available in Google Now

Google Now started its life as a search assistance tool, and now it's getting much starter and useful.  It's particularly great for commuters and travelers as the company recently added data cards for Lyft and Airbnb.

In case you didn't know, Google now is available for iOS users in addition to Android and Chrome browser users.

Until now it's served up information about the weather, traffic (including commuting time between your workplace and home), restaurant reservations and nearby events recommended based on your Google search history and contents of your Gmail messages.

The information in Google now are organized into what the company calls "Cards" which can be easily managed at your fingertip. The whole concept behind Google now is to pre-fetch information you regularly demand so you don't have to search for it each time.

Google has been busying adding variety of cards into the Android version of Google Now utilizing data from third-party apps like eBay, Pandora, Airbnb, Lyft, and real estate database Zillow -- provided a user has those apps installed.

"Starting today, the Google app on Android can help you keep up with all the good stuff in 40 different apps at a glance," wrote Google Director of Product Management Aparna Chennapragada.

Have you checked your Google Now settings lately?

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