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Pedestrian Casualty on the Rise in Nation's Capital

There are more users than drivers on the roads as it is shared with bicyclists and pedestrians.  Naturally, pedestrians are at the highest risk when it comes to any type of crashes involving vehicles.

According the a latest statistics, 52 pedestrian death occurred in Washington D.C metro area. during 2014. Sadly, that is exactly one death per week, and 15.5% increase from 2013 (45 deaths).

Out of the 52 fatally injured pedestrians, more than two thirds were male with an average age of 44.  Also, more than one third of the unfortunate group of people were over 60-years-old.  The oldest person to be the victim of vehicle accident was 91-year-old male.

The number of casualty is still lower than many other major cities across the country including New York and Los Angeles.  In every two hours, one pedestrian falls victim to vehicle crash in U.S., based on NHTSA study, and that number is on the rise year after year.

2010 - 4302 deaths
2011 - 4457 deaths
2012 - 4743 deaths

These numbers exclude bicyclists, and pedestrians are defined strictly as those who are walking or running on foot as well as ones sitting or lying down(?) on a road.

One interesting but obvious finding is that 8 pm to midnight saw the highest occurrence of accidents involving accidents.

Read more about Pedestrian Safety at NHTSA - Link

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