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Car Model That Can Last a Lifetime

There are thousands of car models but not every model can fit every driver's needs. Even for the veritable sea of options, there are a few models out there with real staying power -- below are a few of the car models that became famous because of their prolonged life.

Photo by Christopher Ziemnowicz

Acura RDX

This luxury compact SUV is one of the most reliable car models launched in 2013. It is a very spacious car with enough room for an entire family of five. This car can run for over 250.000 miles with proper care and is not an expensive vehicle to maintain or repair. It runs on a six-speed automatic transmission, and a V6 engine that can get roughly 23 miles per gallon. An uncomplicated and attractive car, it is made from quality parts and materials and reliability and fuel-efficiency make it an excellent long-term choice.

Chevrolet Avalanche

This pickup truck is a combination between a SUV and a pickup. It is great for long trips since the seat actually extends all the way to the passenger compartment. The V8 engine and the automatic six-speed transmission deliver great power to the driver, and it gets around 21 miles per gallon and it can tow as much as 8,100 pounds. The Chevrolet Avalanche can fit six people and has a nice looking interior that does not look cheap at all. It is equipped with Bluetooth connection, rear parking sensors, satellite radio, a USB port, heated and cooled front and back seats, a Bose stereo system, navigation system and a power sunroof.

Scion xB

Besides being very affordable, it has a large cabin and lots of space for cargo. With a stick shift five-speed transmission that can reach around 28 miles per gallon, which makes it one of the most reliable cars when it comes to mileage-per-gallon. It is spacious with lots of legroom in the front and back for your passengers.

Toyota 4Runner

This midsize SUV is ranked amongst the 12 most affordable ones, while the cabins and the ride quality could be better, it makes up for it with its off-road capabilities. This SUV runs 22 miles per gallon and needless to say, as with any other SUV, it has great cargo space and enough room for a third row of seats. Perfect for a family, or just for off-road trips.

Toyota RAV4

This compact SUV is both durable and family friendly and one gallon will have you driving for 30 miles in a pleasant cabin. This Automatic six-speed transmission has ample room in the front and rear seats, comes with a rearview camera, and includes bluetooth connection and a 6.1 inch touch screen with Entune audio system.

Toyota Yaris

This small car comes in two and four door versions, though has fewer features and is slower to accelerate than other sedans. The Toyota Yaris is simple enough for an everyday commuter and doesn't break easily. With an efficient automatic four-speed transmission that gets 37 miles per gallon with a long fuel range, it is ideal for long trips. It has automatic four speed transmission. This model brings are Entune audio system with a 6.1-inch touch-screen display, a USB port, Bluetooth connection and voice recognition. Extra features can be added separately.

There are many options to consider when it comes to choosing the right type of car, but these models can last a lifetime and will surely be up to your needs. Whether you drive alone or with passengers, whether you want off road driving or big cargo space, you will find these car models attractive. A smart choice combined with quality mechanics like those at Linear Automotive can keep you going for many years to come.
Lautaro Martinez is a resident of Texas and an avid car buff, often contributing articles and commentary on various vehicles, old and new.

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