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Carry-On Luggage: The Debate Between Rolling And Strapping

Written by Carson Donald

One of the most important questions to ask yourself when travelling is should you use a rolling bag or a backpack. This article states three options for you to consider so that you can make an informed decision on your travel needs.

Carry-on Convertible

The carry-on convertible has shoulder straps. It can be converted to both a suitcase and a backpack. You use these bags by hanging them on your shoulder using the straps. They will fit easily into any airplane’s overhead compartment. A drawback with carry-on convertibles is that they can cause pain to people with back problems. They are a good option for the short to medium run, but not for the long haul.

Carry-On Bags With Wheels

Carry-On bags are almost the same thing as carry-on convertibles, but they do not have shoulder straps, only wheels. The obvious advantage that these types of bags have over carry-on convertibles is that you can easily wheel these bags around anywhere you go. This does not put a strain on your back so you can pack it to maximum weight and still not worry about physical problems.

These bags can also fit easily inside airplane compartments, making for a good travelling luggage option. The downside of these bags is that they cost $40-50 extra than regular bags, which makes all the difference. If you believe they are worth the investment, then the price will be worth it. They cause a problem when you have to haul them up and down stairs or wheel them around on uneven surfaces.

However, these bags are more suitably built for businessmen and not for campers so that does not cause too much of a problem.  Another option for these bags is the hybrid. This bag has both the straps and wheels attached to it. So you can either strap it on your shoulders or you can wheel it around. The problem with this is that the handle and wheels run parallel to your back when wearing the bag on your shoulders. This adds extra weight and makes it uncomfortable to wear.

Internal Frame Backpack

If you are looking for a travelling companion when going out into the wild then look no further than the internal frame backpack. The internal frame of these backpacks keeps the heavy weight off your back and shoulders and balances it on your hips. Often you can buy one, which already has everything in it like bottles, a camping bed and other things you need in the outdoors. The problem with these bags is that they are very expensive and are bigger than other bags. These do not fit easily inside airplane compartments, so use these only when going camping or some outdoor activity.

The Decision

Base your decision mostly on the condition of your back and what kind of activity you will be using the bag for. Use Carry-on with straps for everyday life, Carry-on with wheels for travelling and internal frame backpacks for camping and the outdoors. It is advisable to keep in mind your mode of travel also. That too is a factor that will influence the kind of luggage you should take with you.

Carson Donald is an avid traveller and outdoor enthusiast who also writes articles for tourists around the world. He often stays at a place here - when in Edinburgh, and recommends the same to his readers.

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