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Ensure Your Car Warranty Is Valid And In Place

When it comes to issues or incidents that can be investigated by Trading Standards, it is fair to say that virtually every market and every industry can be involved in investigations. This means that people should be wary of scams and cons in every area of life and it also means that there are always opportunities for people to commit crimes. Where there is an opportunity, there will always be people looking to make easy money or to cause others to lose money, so it pays to be vigilant at all times.

There are some industries and sectors that have a poorer reputation for cons and swindles than others, and it is fair to say that the second hand car industry is one of the most notable industries that people think of. There have been so many negative stories and issues arising from the second hand car market that most consumers should be aware of the problems and dangers of buying a second hand car. In one way, it has impacted on everyone, including people looking to sell their cars.

Due to the uncertainty surrounding buying a used car, the price that people are willing to pay for a used car is generally lower than the value of a well maintained used car. It is either imperative for the car owner to go to great lengths to show that their car is worth paying the higher price or the price will be at a lower rate. This will inevitably lead to some motorists not caring as much care of their car as they should because they will think that the resale value is going to be lower anyway, regardless of how well look they after it.

You need to be wary when buying or selling a car

This is an understandable yet unfortunate impact of the used car market, but there are still people who will carry out dodgy acts when selling used cars. You may think that you will be safe when you visit an actual used car dealer but this isn’t the case as has been shown in Wales recently. Huw Carl Ludlam is the company director of South Wales Auto Store Ltd and he has recently been taken to course by the local Trading Standards.

A complaint was made by a customer and after an investigation, the case ended up in court with the second hand car salesman being ordered to pay £3,000. This is due to the fact that a non-existent warranty was sold to a couple who bought the car.

The buyers had purchased a Land Rover, with a 54 plate, in 2013 and they later found out that the warranty that they believed was registered was never actually registered with an official warranty company. The vehicle then experienced a number of defects and when the company went to have their car taken care of, they found that there was no warranty in place for the vehicle. This led them to contacting Trading Standards, which ultimately led to the case making its way to court.

Buying or selling a car can be a costly affair

The prosecution team in court told how the buyers were eventually forced to pay for repairs that should have been carried by the warranty that they paid for. The car was sold in £4,300 in March of 2014, which is a price drop of over £4,500 compared to the buying price.

Susan Ead, prosecuting, told the court the buyers were forced to pay for some of the repairs that should have been covered by the warranty. They eventually sold the car in March last year for £4,300 – more than £4,500 less than the price they had bought it for. Ludlam eventually pleaded guilty to the charge when the case was heard in the Magistrate Court in Newport and he was ordered to pay a number of charged, including a fine of £1,800 and a compensation order to the consumer of £423. There were also costs to the council of £600 and a victim surcharge of £120.

While Ludlam himself had no personal convictions, the court was informed that a company which traded from the same address had been prosecuted in 2010 and in 2012. A local councillor said; “Our Trading Standards team are there to ensure a fair trading environmental for consumers, local trade and business. Customers should be treated fairly and receive what they are entitled to, and our team are extremely proactive in working to ensure that this is the case. I hope this successful prosecution will act as a warning to others that they will not get away with committing unfair and illegal practices.”

If you need assistance when it comes to Trading Standards warranty laws, it makes sense to call on a professional solicitor who understands the style of case and who has experience in dealing with the Trading Standards.

Andrew Reilly is a freelance writer with a focus on news stories and consumer interest articles. He has been writing professionally for 9 years but has been writing for as long as he can care to remember. When Andrew isn't sat behind a laptop or researching a story, he will be found watching a gig or a game of football.

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