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Moving for Work and Auto Transport

If you are moving for a job auto transport should integrate comfortably with the rest of your moving obligations. My  advice is to plan ahead. Plan your auto transport ahead of time, plan your movers ahead of time, and plan for what can wrong ahead of time. You don't want to show your boss that you can't handle moving.

For flyers this is especially important. If you have shipped a car before you will know that carriers do not book shipments earlier than a few days before they want to pick up a car. You could be leaving on Thursday and not have a driver contracted until Wednesday. This can cause uncertainty but unfortunately it is the nature of the business. So make sure you have a back up plan. Have a friend or family member ready to hold the car for a few days or have a storage facility arranged in case your shipment gets postponed, especially if you live in a small town or are moving to a small town. Make your pick up and drop off windows as wide as possible. Flexibility is the key to getting a low price and prompt service.

Some companies offer to pay for moving expenses, if yours has not, make sure to ask. The majority of our job transferees have their auto transport paid for by corporate. It won't hurt to try and you could save big. If you have to cover moving expenses yourself you can still save. When moving for a job all of your expenses are tax deductible, including auto transport. The only caveat is that your new commute has to be 50 miles further than your old commute (from your old home), otherwise the IRS will not write your expenses off. You could be looking at a big refund come tax season.

If you are moving to a new state do not forget that you are required to re-register your car and get a new license. Most states give you about 30 days to complete everything but check with your DMV what the exact requirements are. If you do not renew your license and get pulled over the state will treat you like an unlicensed driver which could mean a serious fine or suspension of driving privileges. Furthermore, an unregistered car could be impounded. Make sure your car's documentation is at the top of your to-do list.

Remember that a perfect move will not happen. Inevitably, something will go wrong. Your preparation determines how big those issues will become.

Written by Max at MIG Auto Transport, providing auto transport to the continental United States.

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